Laser Material Deposition LMD


Stephan Ziegler


Stephan Ziegler

Senior Engineer


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The Process

Laser Metal Deposition Fraunhofer ILT, Aachen / Volker Lannert. Laser Metal Deposition

Laser Metal Deposition is an additive manufactruing process which uses the technologie of laser cladding. A component is cladded layer by layer. The result is a near net-shape component with almost 100 percent density and a property profile which meets the specifications of wrought or cast material, or even exeeds them. The size of the components is only limited by the used handling system. The LMD-prozess offers the possibility to produce new material concepts e.g. grading of bulk properties or build-up of hybrid components consisting of a variety of different metals without joining tehnology. Typical applications are the production of functional prototypes and small batch parts. In additionit is possible to modify manufactrued components.