Serhiy Danylyuk


+49 241 8906 525


  Fraunhofer ILT

Laboratory source of extreme ultraviolet radiation open up a possibility for number of new analysis and structuring methods for nanotechnology. The short wavelength allows for nanoscale spatial resolution, which enables high-resolution lithography and microscopy. Here the EUV interference lithography with laboratory plasma-based EUV sources is studied. The method has already demonstrated the resolution higher than 40 nm with the potential to reach a sub-10 nm structure size. With the help of constructed in-house EUV transmission and reflection microscopes a nanoscale imaging, defect detection and inspection of EUV mask blanks for industrial lithography are studied. Using the developed setup for measurements of the EUV reflectivity the investigation of thickness, roughness and chemical composition of various thin films, such as high-k dielectrics, OLEDs or sol-gel layer, are performed.